Davidson Street Bikeway

Nashville, TN

The Davidson Street section of the Music City Bikeway is the longest continuous bike lane in the public right-of-way in Nashville.  It is a key connection from East Nashville and Shelby Bottoms Park to Downtown Nashville via the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.  Since completion of the bikeway in 2015, it has become a popular cyclist commuter route from East Nashville to Downtown as well as enjoyed by recreational users.  

While providing great connectivity, the Davidson Street Bikeway can be uncomfortable as a cyclist/pedestrian due to the existing large road section of impervious surface combined with the lack of shade from existing trees.  By removing underutilized existing pavement within the public right-of-way, this project aims to create a more comfortable pedestrian experience while slowing down and improving stormwater quality through low-impact design practices.  The key objectives for this project are to improve water quality, increase the urban tree canopy and set a standard for future bikeways in Nashville.

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Kyle Jacobson, PLA, CDT
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