Dismas House

Nashville, TN

Dismas House, previously located on Music Row, went from an 8-unit house to a 72-unit resident program. The site constraints proved challenging, with a triangular-shaped half acre lot, bordered by an active rail line and a busy street. With the proper planning and vision, this empty lot on Charlotte Avenue became the new location for Dismas House, which provides support for the restoration and rehabilitation of formerly incarcerated men. The 4-story building was designed to meet Dismas’ programming needs, along with close proximity to public transportation and job opportunities. Two floors are dedicated to men in the 90-day Re-entry Program and affordable housing is on the fourth floor for men in the Independent Living Program. The atrium is open and welcoming and natural light is abundant. The overall design is simple, yet sophisticated, giving residents a sense of dignity and belonging. At Dismas House, residents have the hope of a fresh start in life and the resources they need to make a change, which in turn, will impact our community, making it a better place to live.

Awards + Recognition

2023 ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Award

2023 ULI Nashville Rose Faeges-Easton Community Impact Award

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Dismas House
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Kevin Gangaware, PE
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